An assisted relaxation technique can help to allay fears of subjective or objective nature hence inspite of pricking the skin, pain is not perceived by brain.

Self hypnotherapy is the practice of relaxation by self suggestion so as to alleviate the pain component of pathological process. Thus it may not be called treatment but only symptomatic relief from pain which helps getting cooperation in induction of other drug regime. 

This technique is useful for treatment of fearful uncooperative child patient also.

About fear

The built in fear from dentist/dental treatment does not allow optimum

communication. The removal of fear gives better co-operative attitude.

    • if unknown is turned  ‘known‘, fear will be destroyed. So aspects of treatment or understanding about various types of fear are  important.

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Painless Dentistry is a joy.

Recent advanced instrumentation and operators’ skill has made present day dental treatment a memorable experience for the patients.

Pain is unpleasent perception of any external or internal noxious (harmful) stimuli.

 Pain componants

                                 Pain stimulation, which is any kind of external stimuli, mediated through nerves, beyond normal threshold for the individual.

Pain Perception, which is assimilation, interpretation and correlation of the afferent (sensory) stimuli, Through central nervous system.

Pain Reaction, which is efferent (motor) action potential ,through central nervous system or spinal reflex arch, directed to avoid ,reduce or block the noxious (harmful) stimuli.

Pain control methods

Various pain control methods addresses any one or many pain componants.

To ennumerate few

PHYSICAL METHOD OF COLD TEMPERATURE acts on peripheral nerve ends to block messages to brain centre while Audio analgesia is acting like acupuncture through gate control mechanism.

ELECTRICAL TRANS CUTENOUS NERVE STIMULATION can block messages to brain by GATE CONTROL MECHANISMS, and endorphin chemical at synaptic level(Nerve cell junction),

CHEMICAL substances can block the transmission by its action at varieties of pathways. Local application at nerve level blocks electrical impulse(Action potential). Systemic ingestion(Swallowing) inhalation (Breathing)  of gas  or injection in blood  (intravenous) or Epidural (in the liquid pool around spinal chord or brain ) blocks perception (Ability to recognize pain) at brain level.


PSYCHOLOGICAL SUGGESTION through hypnosis and self suggestion

DEPENDING ON CLINICAL REQUIREMENT any one or more methods are selected by the qualified persons.